Brown County Tax Rate

In pursuance of the law, I, Connie Patrick, Treasurer of Brown County, do hereby give notice that the number of mills levied and voted on each dollar of property listed for taxation within Brown County for the tax year 2021, as compiled by the County Auditor, is as follows:

County Wide Levies:

• County General: 3.80
• Developmental Disabilities: 1.50

• Senior Citizens: .80
• OSU Extension (4-H): .25

For All Levies: See download below.  All rates are in dollars and cents of $1,000 of tax valuation.

Printable Tax Table - Requires a PDF Reader (

Real Estate & Manufactured Home tax dues dates are listed in the Payment Information section.  ALL MAIL POSTMARKED AFTER THE DATES LISTED WILL ACCRUE A PENALTY.  Failure to receive a tax bill will not avoid the penalty.  Therefore, if you do not receive a tax bill please contact the office at 378-6177, 378-6705, or 1-800-229-6177. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  An additional interest charge, set by the tax commissioner, will be added twice a year on unpaid delinquent taxes.  The interest is charged on the first day of the month following the close of second half collection and again on December 1st.

Connie Patrick, Treasurer of Brown County

Brown County Treasurer - Connie Patrick
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